Saturday, January 29, 2011

Veterinary laboratory is coming to the KC-Kansas City Star

A company of California plans to open a laboratory near Kansas City International Airport this year for the blood, tissues and other analyses of pets.

The arrival of Abaxis veterinary laboratory of reference would add yet another piece of the so-called animal health corridor that extends from the University of Missouri in Colombia at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

Abaxis said the lab, in the final analysis, would generate 150 jobs, but a press release of K-State projected 50 to 100 jobs. Although the workshop is expected to land near the airport, the company said that it will set up shop on the side of the Kansas State line. Abaxis hopes to open laboratory area of Kansas City in six to eight months.

Most of the business of Abaxis comes from the sale of equipment and supplies for laboratories dressed in veterinary offices, catering to pet owners.

The new laboratory of Kansas City area aims to serve the market itself, although it would also include blood testing of horses and exotic animals. The workshop would be even more sophisticated tests that can perform most veterinarians in their offices.

"This is a whole new deal for us," said Michael Solomon, Director of Abaxis of business development for the North American animal health.

Abaxis veterinary Lab is teaming with the K-State Diagnostics to manage the tests beyond the powers of the Kansas City next society.

Beyond implementing more sophisticated testing than that the laboratory is able to handle, Solomon said K-State is essentially a subcontractor who performs the pathology and the consultation on the basis of test results.

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