Saturday, January 29, 2011

Man sought in cases of dog mutilation-Californian Salinas

The society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Monterey County is looking for other pet owners help the authorities to identify, arrest and finally convicted a man they believe is mutilating dogs area.

From Friday, the Group of animals-care non-profit said that has saved four dogs suffering from infections following surgery of poor and unhealthy performed by a man who identified as Damian Maldonado.

SPCA authorities consider that Maldonado falsely represents himself as a licensed veterinarian.

Known as "ear cropping", the surgical procedure involves removing parts of a dog's ear to help you get up. Reasons range from purely cosmetic procedure to gain advantage in the fight against the dog, said spokeswoman Beth Brookhouser SPCA.

"Ear-cropping is controversial," she said. "But beyond this dispute, it is always illegal to perform a veterinary clinic without a license in California. [Maldonado] is putting them at greater risk. "

The cases were brought to the attention of the SPCA after humane officers find three pit bull puppies, each about 4 months of age, with ears cut off on Jan. 21 Two puppies suffered from painful and infections were treated immediately.

Tuesday, an owner of a Doberman Pinscher 11-week-old contacted the SPCA. On a plastic folding table were cropped ears and the tail of his dog, said Brookhouser. The procedure has been believed that took place in a courtyard.

Veterinarians noted that the ears are not clipped by a vocational training that there wasn't enough left ear cartilage to support your ears properly. Maldonado, investigators said, place two inch sticks inside the ear canal of the puppy to keep the dog's ear, sewn cuts with fishing line and wrapped the tape directly on open wounds.

Officials said that both dog owners provided service tickets under the names "servicio veterinary surgeon" and "El Cartel Bully dog kennels" with a cell phone number and e-mail address Yahoo of Maldonado.

The phone number is disconnected, officials said. And because of its "209" area code, the officers to believe that many victims are likely to be outside of Monterey County.

The SPCA is offering a reward of $ 3500 for information leading to the conviction of Maldonado.

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