Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keep safe from cold-KIMT animals

ALBERT LEA, MN--even if temperatures rose today, they still Plummet at night and there's a lot of winter left.

Local humane society are remembering not to forget your pets. They say that when temps fall below zero, is approximately 5 minutes all the paws of dogs and cats can handle.

They have already gotten some animals with freezing on their ears and paws.

There is also a law of the State in Minnesota on leaving dogs and cats, outdoors in the cold. Char Butterfield, Freeborn County Humane Society volunteer says, "dogs have adequate water, that probably means a heated Bowl, because at these temperatures can freeze water so fast. The dog in the House must be raised 4 inches off the ground. And must have a flap cover. "

The law also says that you need isolation for the dog house, straw being better, not covered.

Urges Freeborn County Humane Society will bring at least cats in to your garage up to a house or the owner can be found. Right now they are inundated with cats and cannot accept more. For information of cold or adoption, you can call the Freeborn County Humane Society at 507-377-8501.

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