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City save 30 cats from the apartment of the elderly woman-Globe and Mail

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City officials and employees of humane society used a mandate to raid the apartment of an elderly woman Etobicoke and saving seriously ill, officers of animal cruelty said Tuesday 30 cats, some of them.

Suite the woman, overtop a row of shops on Avenue in Islington has been equipped with doors that open onto a cat escape of fire, allowing neighbourhood cats go inside and out.

Your audience had complained about the smell of the suite, that Saturday overtop a row of shops on Avenue in Islington.

But when officials went to investigate, the woman slammed the door in your face and refused to let them in, said Jeff Higgins, an animal cruelty officer with the Etobicoke Humane Society.

Are back in the afternoon of Friday, with a mandate. The colony was not home, so that a locksmith has opened its gate.

Mr. Higgins said that animals were suffering from a variety of diseases, including infections of upper respiratory infectious peritonitis, feline and herpes. Two cats, including one so ill that he couldn't eat, they put down.

"I haven't seen that many diseases in a case of hording," said Mr. Higgins.

Others are being nursed back to health.

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