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Nearly naked PETA protest planned in Seattle-Seattle Post Intelligencer Friday (blog)

PETA activists, from left, Tricia Harris, Meggan Anderson and Amber Tegantvoort show some human skin to bring attention to the use of animal skin in clothes during a PETA protest on Friday 5 November 2010 at Westlake Park in Seattle. (Joshua Trujillo, View a gallery of PETA here.

Are back and they're naked.

Well, almost naked.

Underwear-clad protesters with animal rights group PETA will take to the streets of Seattle on Friday to make a statement about wearing animal skins.

"Protesters sexy"--that are of PETA's description, not mine--will stand behind a banner reading "Skin--don't wear skin" at 12 p.m. Friday near Fourth Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle.

This is according to naked protest in the city by PETA in a few months. In November, the organisation staging a bare-all stand against buying and wearing fur.

This time, it's animal skin that is specifically on the agenda. And here's why, according to PETA:

Animals who are killed for their fur are electrocuted, poisoned or gassed or have broken neck. The cows who are killed for their skins endure painful circumcision and physical abuse on factory farms and cruel treatment during transport and slaughter. Exotic animals don't fare better: snakes, for example, have a tube rammed into their mouths and are pumped full of water, so that workers can cut more easily skin tight animal while the animals are still alive.

The Organization routinely protests stages involving young girls take off their clothes. The last time, women wore body paint depicting animals coats.

Visit the homepage of Seattle for more news. Contact Amy Rolph at or on Twitter as @ amyrolph and @ bigblog.

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Fire barn in upstate NY kills approximately 200 animals-Wall Street Journal

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. — a woman who has lost about 200 farm animals in an accusation of fire of upstate New York barn of the disaster on a heater propane she had set up to protect the baby and pregnant sheep and goats from below freezing cold.

Robin Dillenbeck, sitting with his mother at their kitchen table, he shouted as he Thursday described its animals as the center of his life. Friends managed to save 10 scorched ovine and caprine animals from fire Sunday in Johnstown, Mohawk Valley, about 40 miles west of Albany.

Fulton County District Attorney Louise Sira says that dillenbeck had a "hoarder" care for the animals than you could handle when she was charged with a misdemeanor in March 2008. When Dillenbeck decided to hold a minimum number of animals, was rejected by the burden of providing underfed.

The Dillenbeck of 56 years living on a dead-end road a few miles from the barn, which she had rented by a resident of New York City, since his barn collapsed 18 years ago.

The night of fire, Dillenbeck said that he stopped at the barn at 16.00 to do his chores and feed animals before going to work as dishwashers restaurant. With temperatures forecast to drop to 20 below zero at night, has established a propane tank mounted portable space heater in a room in the barn.

"One of the goats must have pushed the door open and knocked over the tank," he said. "My brother and his girlfriend went to the restaurant later and told me that the barn was on fire. I went crazy when they told me. They don't let me go over there; They knew I would run into and try to save my animals. "

In addition to dozens of sheep and goats, the fire killed a horse, two Shetland Sheepdog, many cats, two pigs, a beef and a knife, he said.

Sira said there was no criminal investigation of fire and it seemed that dillenbeck had been complying with the terms of the previous case.

Nancy Hart, an animal control officer, said Johnstown-Albany Times Union you have known Dillenbeck from when he was young. She said she wouldn't describe as an animal hoarder Dillenbeck, but as someone who loved animals and "probably had more to take care of what you could handle".

HART said that she was not aware of any claims of abandonment of animals on properties of misdemeanor charge Dillenbeck because in 2008.

"I've always loved animals," Dillenbeck said. "I was never one to go out and have a good time in the city. I just want to be with my animals, work with my pets. This is what makes me happy. I wasn't getting rich off them; Enjoyed being with them. "

She said she worked three part-time jobs — as a dishwasher, a school and a custodian of a dairy farm near Milker — to provide food and veterinary care for its animals.

"I'm like my family," he said. "They were all as tame as can be. They would run right up to me when I called. "

By visiting his animals remaining 10 to friend's barn, Dillenbeck racing his hand over the signature of a sheep wool and examined her eyes swollen goat billy whose face was burned. A small lamb black nibbled fingers and she scooped one of its arms, saying that she was breastfeeding artificial, since his mother died in the flames.

"I haven't slept more than three or four hours from the moment it happened," said Dillenbeck. "I see their faces just in my head. I see them crying for their mothers, and we cannot help you. "

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We kid you not: PA Man fined $ 935 to use goats owned by the town of Weed-CBS News

10 : 00 AM one of the officials of Frank Trigona goats (Trina Orlando/KDKA), JEANNETTE, PA. (CBS/AP/KDKA) in a city of Western Pennsylvania, finally got the goat of a resident-28 January 2011, all four of them, actually.

Entrepreneur Frank Trigona tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-review that he decided to move his goats from a tract of six acres he owns in Jeannette, a town about 25 km east of Pittsburgh.

Trigona bought goats in summer to eat weeds on property, only to have the City Council to pass an Ordinance that prohibits barnyard animals from city property.

Trigona named goats after city officials also animals and marched in a parade of Halloween, where some people cheered and whistled animals. The goats are also a Facebook page with almost 2,700 "friends" (other children, no doubt).

The contractor was cited for "goat violations" at least five times, according to CBS affiliate KDKA.

Trigona says he gave the fight and moved the goats on a farm after he was fined $ 935 to keep them.

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Border Collie frozen in a block of ice left in yard of Dawson Creek-Vancouver Sun

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Animal cruelty officers are investigating a disturbing case involving a dead dog that was frozen in the ice block and left in the courtyard of a man of Dawson Creek.

The man discovered the dog on January 15th, but said that he had no idea why you left her body frozen on his property.

"I thought I'd seen everything, but when I open [file] was blown away. It is so disturbing. We want some answers, "said Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations of BC SPCA. "Who would do something so sick — are worried if they have other animals in their care."

Moriarty said that the case is such a mystery that investigators are asking the public's help, hoping that someone may have known the black dog or assisted fell out in the courtyard of an unidentified man Dawson Creek. He said that humans are not pets, never knew the dog and has no idea why the animal was left in his backyard.

"The only salvation is that we have just discovered that the dog died before being placed in there. Drilling had injuries consistent with being a dog fight and all his intestines were missing, "said Moriarty.

You can another animal ate part of the intestine of the dog, but it seems that the dog (40-pound) 18-kilogram was owned by someone, because he had a healthy weight, he said. He also noted that wild dogs usually do not survive winters of BC North because time is so cool.

The SPCA wishes to find out who was responsible for placing the dog in the block of ice, which seems to have been made using a large rubber, he said.

From Thursday, public indignation on locating the dog was popular internationally with calls of concern from as far away as New Zealand.

But despite the high media profile a bit so far has come to identify the dog or the owner of the RCMP or the BC SPCA.

"People are emotional," said Dawson Creek RCMP Cpl. David Ossinger ...

The BC SPCA conducts investigations of cruelty almost 6,000 a year and last year seized 1000 animals and 133 executed search warrant in order to obtain evidence for cases of animal cruelty complaint.

Moriarty said Association has 24 full-time constables, investigating complaints of animals, but could easily use double that number. A constable is not assigned to the area of Dawson Creek/Fort St. John, but said that there are plans to get an official in Northern b.c. area in the near future.

The problem is funding, he said.

"We are the only Agency with authority to investigate animal cruelty on animals."We have a budget [annual] 2.2 million and zero dollars from the Government, he said.

"Living in a province that likes to think of themselves as very progressive environmental and that may come as a shock we are one of the few provinces in Canada that receives funding from the Government zero to protect animals."

Moriarty added that cruelty investigators work could possibly avoid injury because studies have shown some criminals who have injured and killed another human started their criminal career of torturing animals.

Anyone with information about frozen dog is invited to contact the South peace of SPCA at 250-782-2444.

Meanwhile, an Association of nonprofit rescue Northern call Turtle Rescue gardens, yet three puppies are trying to find homes for those who were nearly frozen to death before Christmas. Puppies, spaniel mix that are sheltie, were discovered under a porch open live-29 C time. Their names are glacier, in winter and Miss Freezie, which closed eyelids were literally frozen when they were collected.

Founder of turtle gardens Yvette Labatte said there were six puppies, but one died an hour later be brought indoors and the other two were adopted locally in the area of Burns Lake.

While the two males, glacier and in winter, now 12 weeks, have not suffered any damage eye Miss Freezie suffered a permanent vision loss.

"It was the smallest pup and being the weakest was pushed out. The mother had puppies after digging a hole in the snow under a patio open someone's House, "said Labatte.

The mother has been spayed and vaccinated and will soon go to his new foster home in Vancouver.

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Marion couple to appear in court on charges of animal cruelty-Kalispell Montana news KAJ18

Posted: Jan 27, 2010 4: 38 PM by Katy Harris (kaj News)
Updated: Jan 27, 2010 6: 42 PM

KALISPELL-A husband and wife by Marion appeared before a county district judge Thursday to the hoarding of over 100 cats.

Edwin and Cheryl Criswell pleaded not guilty after being charged with a felony count each of aggravated cruelty to animals.

The animals have been found after Flathead County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene of two trailers in Marion for reports of a few animals that was hungry.

Many of the animals were in poor health, including dehydration and blindness, according to the authorities.

Cheryl Criswell says they are currently looking for help.

"I don't want to hear this, and can't manage physically take care of a lot of cats as we did. We got stranded out and kept trying to get help and nobody would help us. "

The cats were confiscated from the property and are much better Criswell condition could be taken within the next few months.

Next court appearance of Criswell is 16 February.

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Veterinary laboratory is coming to the KC-Kansas City Star

A company of California plans to open a laboratory near Kansas City International Airport this year for the blood, tissues and other analyses of pets.

The arrival of Abaxis veterinary laboratory of reference would add yet another piece of the so-called animal health corridor that extends from the University of Missouri in Colombia at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

Abaxis said the lab, in the final analysis, would generate 150 jobs, but a press release of K-State projected 50 to 100 jobs. Although the workshop is expected to land near the airport, the company said that it will set up shop on the side of the Kansas State line. Abaxis hopes to open laboratory area of Kansas City in six to eight months.

Most of the business of Abaxis comes from the sale of equipment and supplies for laboratories dressed in veterinary offices, catering to pet owners.

The new laboratory of Kansas City area aims to serve the market itself, although it would also include blood testing of horses and exotic animals. The workshop would be even more sophisticated tests that can perform most veterinarians in their offices.

"This is a whole new deal for us," said Michael Solomon, Director of Abaxis of business development for the North American animal health.

Abaxis veterinary Lab is teaming with the K-State Diagnostics to manage the tests beyond the powers of the Kansas City next society.

Beyond implementing more sophisticated testing than that the laboratory is able to handle, Solomon said K-State is essentially a subcontractor who performs the pathology and the consultation on the basis of test results.

To reach the Scott Canon, call 816-234-4754 or send an email to

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Man sought in cases of dog mutilation-Californian Salinas

The society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Monterey County is looking for other pet owners help the authorities to identify, arrest and finally convicted a man they believe is mutilating dogs area.

From Friday, the Group of animals-care non-profit said that has saved four dogs suffering from infections following surgery of poor and unhealthy performed by a man who identified as Damian Maldonado.

SPCA authorities consider that Maldonado falsely represents himself as a licensed veterinarian.

Known as "ear cropping", the surgical procedure involves removing parts of a dog's ear to help you get up. Reasons range from purely cosmetic procedure to gain advantage in the fight against the dog, said spokeswoman Beth Brookhouser SPCA.

"Ear-cropping is controversial," she said. "But beyond this dispute, it is always illegal to perform a veterinary clinic without a license in California. [Maldonado] is putting them at greater risk. "

The cases were brought to the attention of the SPCA after humane officers find three pit bull puppies, each about 4 months of age, with ears cut off on Jan. 21 Two puppies suffered from painful and infections were treated immediately.

Tuesday, an owner of a Doberman Pinscher 11-week-old contacted the SPCA. On a plastic folding table were cropped ears and the tail of his dog, said Brookhouser. The procedure has been believed that took place in a courtyard.

Veterinarians noted that the ears are not clipped by a vocational training that there wasn't enough left ear cartilage to support your ears properly. Maldonado, investigators said, place two inch sticks inside the ear canal of the puppy to keep the dog's ear, sewn cuts with fishing line and wrapped the tape directly on open wounds.

Officials said that both dog owners provided service tickets under the names "servicio veterinary surgeon" and "El Cartel Bully dog kennels" with a cell phone number and e-mail address Yahoo of Maldonado.

The phone number is disconnected, officials said. And because of its "209" area code, the officers to believe that many victims are likely to be outside of Monterey County.

The SPCA is offering a reward of $ 3500 for information leading to the conviction of Maldonado.

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