Friday, January 28, 2011

3 accused of theft of livestock from the DNR building Media-Pioneer Press

Three men suspected of theft of 20 mounted animal heads and other items from the Department of natural resources have been accused of offences Thursday.

One of the men another called from Washington County Jail, where he was kept on an independent cost of stealing a tomato and giving a false name to the police, said a criminal complaint.

The conversation was recorded.

Timothy Heidenreich said Terry cotton blank on a van which mounts the animal, as well as the outboard motors, power tools and computer were stashed, the complaint said.

"It's like Christmas in there," presumably Heidenreich said, estimating that the value of the elements in the van has been at least $ 15,000. "Clean that (expletive)."

Mounted animals were part of an exhibition "wall of shame", who took the DNR around the State to educate the public about the poachers.

Heidenreich, 39, was indicted for burglary of the third degree. Cotton, 37 and the third man, Shane James Rylander, 40, were charged with possession of stolen property.

Criminal complaints filed Thursday in Ramsey County District Court give further details:

The DNR called St. Paul police, 10 January, after discovering that his storage building at 1200 Warner Road was burglarized during the weekend.

Someone had gotten through the doors locked and stole about $ 40,000 worth of property, including boat motors, power tools, chainsaws, Dell desktop computer and mounted deer heads, fish and other animals.


found that boots that Heiden-reich matched prints found in the snow at the site of burglary.

They also had information from an informant that a person named "Tim" broke into the building DNR and stole things; the informant said that were elements in St. Conway to 702 in St. Paul, where he lives girl Heidenreich.

Cotton upper unit lives in the House.

Another informant told police that he saw power tools and boat engines in the courtyard of Conway 702 and believed that they had been stolen by the DNR.

Masterlock key found on Heidenreich, when he was arrested along with the block to main gate DNR; It had been stolen from a building, the complaint said.

When the police established surveillance at the Conway Street 13 January, they saw two men loading power tools from backyard into a van.

One of the men was Rylander.

Rylander, Sao Paulo, said it had bought goods stolen from cotton on more than one occasion. He said the police went home cotton Conway Street and bought several power tools. He knew that they were stolen, but not that they were stolen by the DNR, he said.

Rylander apologized in his interview with the police, saying that he knew they shouldn't be buying stolen goods.

Execute search warrant for the home, police found five stolen outboard engines, all of the DNR. In the top drive of casa cervi were 20, montages, a montage of walleye, a montage of Turkey feather and a bear mount.

Cotton told the police that had Heidenreich told him that made a great score tools, boat engines and montages. Heidenreich said cotton was to keep the bear Mountain.

Heidenreich will be held at the prison in St. Cloud.

The other two men are scheduled to appear in court on March 7.

Another man arrested in theft, Aia Will White Bear Lake, has been charged.

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