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Border Collie frozen in a block of ice left in yard of Dawson Creek-Vancouver Sun

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Animal cruelty officers are investigating a disturbing case involving a dead dog that was frozen in the ice block and left in the courtyard of a man of Dawson Creek.

The man discovered the dog on January 15th, but said that he had no idea why you left her body frozen on his property.

"I thought I'd seen everything, but when I open [file] was blown away. It is so disturbing. We want some answers, "said Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations of BC SPCA. "Who would do something so sick — are worried if they have other animals in their care."

Moriarty said that the case is such a mystery that investigators are asking the public's help, hoping that someone may have known the black dog or assisted fell out in the courtyard of an unidentified man Dawson Creek. He said that humans are not pets, never knew the dog and has no idea why the animal was left in his backyard.

"The only salvation is that we have just discovered that the dog died before being placed in there. Drilling had injuries consistent with being a dog fight and all his intestines were missing, "said Moriarty.

You can another animal ate part of the intestine of the dog, but it seems that the dog (40-pound) 18-kilogram was owned by someone, because he had a healthy weight, he said. He also noted that wild dogs usually do not survive winters of BC North because time is so cool.

The SPCA wishes to find out who was responsible for placing the dog in the block of ice, which seems to have been made using a large rubber, he said.

From Thursday, public indignation on locating the dog was popular internationally with calls of concern from as far away as New Zealand.

But despite the high media profile a bit so far has come to identify the dog or the owner of the RCMP or the BC SPCA.

"People are emotional," said Dawson Creek RCMP Cpl. David Ossinger ...

The BC SPCA conducts investigations of cruelty almost 6,000 a year and last year seized 1000 animals and 133 executed search warrant in order to obtain evidence for cases of animal cruelty complaint.

Moriarty said Association has 24 full-time constables, investigating complaints of animals, but could easily use double that number. A constable is not assigned to the area of Dawson Creek/Fort St. John, but said that there are plans to get an official in Northern b.c. area in the near future.

The problem is funding, he said.

"We are the only Agency with authority to investigate animal cruelty on animals."We have a budget [annual] 2.2 million and zero dollars from the Government, he said.

"Living in a province that likes to think of themselves as very progressive environmental and that may come as a shock we are one of the few provinces in Canada that receives funding from the Government zero to protect animals."

Moriarty added that cruelty investigators work could possibly avoid injury because studies have shown some criminals who have injured and killed another human started their criminal career of torturing animals.

Anyone with information about frozen dog is invited to contact the South peace of SPCA at 250-782-2444.

Meanwhile, an Association of nonprofit rescue Northern call Turtle Rescue gardens, yet three puppies are trying to find homes for those who were nearly frozen to death before Christmas. Puppies, spaniel mix that are sheltie, were discovered under a porch open live-29 C time. Their names are glacier, in winter and Miss Freezie, which closed eyelids were literally frozen when they were collected.

Founder of turtle gardens Yvette Labatte said there were six puppies, but one died an hour later be brought indoors and the other two were adopted locally in the area of Burns Lake.

While the two males, glacier and in winter, now 12 weeks, have not suffered any damage eye Miss Freezie suffered a permanent vision loss.

"It was the smallest pup and being the weakest was pushed out. The mother had puppies after digging a hole in the snow under a patio open someone's House, "said Labatte.

The mother has been spayed and vaccinated and will soon go to his new foster home in Vancouver.

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