Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nearly naked PETA protest planned in Seattle-Seattle Post Intelligencer Friday (blog)

PETA activists, from left, Tricia Harris, Meggan Anderson and Amber Tegantvoort show some human skin to bring attention to the use of animal skin in clothes during a PETA protest on Friday 5 November 2010 at Westlake Park in Seattle. (Joshua Trujillo, View a gallery of PETA here.

Are back and they're naked.

Well, almost naked.

Underwear-clad protesters with animal rights group PETA will take to the streets of Seattle on Friday to make a statement about wearing animal skins.

"Protesters sexy"--that are of PETA's description, not mine--will stand behind a banner reading "Skin--don't wear skin" at 12 p.m. Friday near Fourth Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle.

This is according to naked protest in the city by PETA in a few months. In November, the organisation staging a bare-all stand against buying and wearing fur.

This time, it's animal skin that is specifically on the agenda. And here's why, according to PETA:

Animals who are killed for their fur are electrocuted, poisoned or gassed or have broken neck. The cows who are killed for their skins endure painful circumcision and physical abuse on factory farms and cruel treatment during transport and slaughter. Exotic animals don't fare better: snakes, for example, have a tube rammed into their mouths and are pumped full of water, so that workers can cut more easily skin tight animal while the animals are still alive.

The Organization routinely protests stages involving young girls take off their clothes. The last time, women wore body paint depicting animals coats.

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